Monday, 31 December 2012

Barrie Colts Concepts

Barrie Colts what can I say, they're one of few teams that needs to change their main crest in a worst way, I mean it drives me nuts, I mean I really don't care how they change their main crest if it's looks like the Denver Broncos or a Pony from "My Little Pony", but however I only thing I like the team's look is their Secondary logo it's classic and fit the teams well, sure it's a horseshoe with the word "Colts" across it, but hey it works for the Indianapolis Colts surely it'll work for the Colts in Barrie... right? Let's find out with my Barrie Colts Concepts
On this one is pretty much simple with some twist to it, their current secondary logo is the main crest the "Barrie" wordmark is removed, recolored to match the jersey, Blue is the main color follow by Red, Gold, and Silver (only on the main crest and shoulder patch), the arm stripe angled, two little stripes on the hem, different colors on the yoke including trim around the yoke, the shoulder patch is made by me put two horseshoes together, add a hockey stick on it to make it look like the letter "B".

HJC Feedback

That's my concepts, this is my last set for the 2012, man it been a roller coaster but sad to say that HJC is on a heist until the new year I guess that's for the best mainly after the whole Blogger spam B.S. thing, hopefully one day the history of HJC can comeback.

Hopefully you all have a Happy New Year and a good 2013!

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