Saturday, 22 December 2012

Belleville Bulls Concepts

Hi everyone how's everything going, having a good week? well I'm not having a good week with work, keep changing time shift on me, then came Hockey Jersey Concept being locked out by Blogger, but I'm not going there, and as always still going to my local hockey games to give myself a hockey fix because of this NHL lockout BS, well theirs always my concepts to post here that's a plus, for now on to the concept.
These Concepts I kept it simple made only 3 stripes on the hem, the wrist cuffs, socks, and V-neck those 3 stripes represent decades, over 30 years that this club been around, the main crest is their old crest they use since the beginning and they still use them for both their dark, and 3rd while their white jersey they got that cartoon bull, back to the concept the main crest is indeed the old bull just add trim around the crest and "Boom!" my Belleville Bulls concepts.

HJC Feedback

Here's my bonus Belleville Bulls concept
This a red version of the Bulls concept pretty much the same thing only red.

So that my concepts for the week as you can see my blogger page change to different colors well I decide to work on redesigning my page, I got to the point every time I look at my black page and then look at someone else page that is white i get dizzy so I'm working on it for now I just recolor the page to Christmas theme after that it'll be change to my colors and a new header (I'm still working on it) so hopefully I can finish it and leave it untouched, for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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