Sunday, 16 December 2012

London Knights Concepts (plus me blah blah rant)

Before we get to the concepts I going off the record and say I'm a Knights fan not a big Knights fan just a Knights fan, sadly I only watch the Knights games on TV and never went to their games, indeed a London Knights fan that only watch the games on TV instead of going to the Budweiser Gardens (formerly the John Labatt Centre). But however I do learn alot of history about the Knights very well from their early days as the London Nationals, to their very bad eggplant and teal stunt, to the current Hunter Bros era. But one thing that bothers me is that in 2002/03 season they got themselves all new look witch I like, the stripes on both the arms and hem fit the team so well and their main crest is awesome. Then came the change when not just the OHL but also the WHL, and the QMJHL change their uniforms to the Reebok edge system and when it comes to change some teams change from their jersey look, to the complete package change, that means not just the jerseys, but also the crests, and the colors too, the Knight's new look is O.K. and all but three things the bothers me big time. The 1st is their Main Crest is alright but compare to this Main Crest I felt a downgrade vibe going but that's my opinion, the 2nd is the colors, before the change, Now! I'm O.K. with Black and Dark Green, Beige a okay color could have use that color for Alternate Jersey only instead on both Home and Road, But Ochre that's where I draw the line right their, that color is a some what a bit darker color of Antique Gold, to me I felt like the Ochre it's some what a Orange(y) Gold color, I felt that they should keep the Antique Gold to my opinion. And finally the 3rd things that bothers the heck out of me, you see the team started the 2002-2003 season with Black as the main home color while the Kelly Green is Alternate, but when they use more Green in 2005 they won the OHL Championship witch lead to winning the Memorial Cup, 2012 same thing more Green, win the Title only different is they lost the Memorial Cup to Shawinigan. So in conclusion and I quote, "London Why U No Go And Stay Green?" Indeed I preferred the Knights using Green more then black, I made a London Knights concepts over a year ago and I believe I can top that and thus I believe I did.

On the Home and Road the Jerseys design is base on their 2002/03 to 2008/2009 Jerseys, I brought back the Knights old 2002/03 to 2008/2009 main crest and alternate logo because I find them more modern then their current one, made Dark Green as the teams main color follow by True Black, Antique Gold, and True White, and use Kroftsmann fonts on the nameplate, and numbers.
The Alternate Jersey I use the Knights current main crest recolored to Kelly Green, Antique Gold, Faint Black, and Beige, as old school colors, follow by Kroftsmann fonts on the nameplate while the numbers are standard block, and the jersey itself is pretty much classic modern.

And that's my new London Knights Concepts, hopefully I'll get the chance to send it soon as far as other concepts plan go, well I pretty much working on redesigning all of the OHL teams it's not a easy task but I will try, as for posting anything on this blogger well I'll take a little break this week and maybe next week, I got all of my Christmas shopping done it's the when I'm going to wrap them is another story. Also as you some resent Twitter post in titled "AJH HJA Classic Post" yeah I decide to tweet some of my old concepts all the to the last concept before I created my Twitter page. Until Then.

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