Sunday, 2 December 2012

AJH HJA Update

Hi everyone sorry for the lack of update I have been busy from work, to doing some concepts for the HJC's NHL expansion contest, and get alot of hockey news that wrapping around my head, that I didn't have the time to post some concepts and stuff, now I do so here we go.

My thoughts on the City of Glendale AZ approve of $350 million in taxpayer money, and 20 years lease deal so that Mr. Jamison can buy the team that worth $175 million in a market that just won't work in hockey at all and also you think that 20 years would be a good thing no it don't why? well lets look at it this way when you agreed to a 20 year lease thing you think that you draw people in but really you just push casual fans away and make them think "Oh my job of supporting this team is done" and that's that even winning the cup (witch that'll ever going to happened unless Bettman gives the leg up) you'll get what else "EMPTY SEATS FOR THE NEXT 20 YEARS" so Mr. Jamison you sir and your buddies better know what you all getting yourself into hope you save alot of money because you got 20 years of HELL!

So that my rant I'm going too far on this post because I got to wake up early to do some Christmas shopping, I'll try get some concepts up maybe this week, I however made some changes now I remove the Other Concepts Artist page put all the other concepts artist links into my Links page, also once again Steven G. from SG-94 on my "Concept sites that I sent some of my concepts to" that means he accepting some concepts for his site, and lastly I got sick and tired of trying to fix my twitter box that was on the side of my site so I made a tab up above just click it and theirs my Twitter page.

Oh and one more I up dated my Kroftsmann font it's ready to go along with two more I did.

Kroftsmann font

 SF Piezolectric font

And for some that are Star Trek Fans the Final Frontier Old Style font

 These Fonts are from I just size it to the CCSLC template, and add trims, and so I will hopefully put these on the Template page when I get the chance for now I'm off to bed.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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