Thursday, 6 December 2012

My NHL Expansion concept Part 1: Seattle Totems

Now before I get to my concepts I would like to give a big thanks to Steven G. for helping  me on my Twitter tab for this blogger of my, so it's back and it's under the menu tabs for now I'm glad to have it up and running again, Thank you Steven G.
Now on to the concepts!
Hockey Jersey Concepts had a NHL Expansion Contest going on it's now at the voting phase to see witch concepts is the best suited for 2 NHL Expansion teams, the Seattle Totems, and the Quebec Voyageurs, today I'm show you all the Seattle Totems concepts 1 that I entered for the contest, the other pretty much my 1st draft, so here we go.

My 1st draft
As you can see I made teal as the main color follow by black and some small amount of red, made some tweaks on the jersey once worn by the Ottawa Senators only made the arm patterns straight, even thou I like it but I felt this is not a winner to my cup a tea so.

My official concept
After seeing some others work I decide to change the look, I drop the black color, made red as the main color follow by teal, indeed the socks on the road jersey did not look the same as the stripes on the arms, only on the hem but I was determined to get this concept done and thus I did.

Well hope you enjoy my Seattle Totems Concepts be here tomorrow as I bring you the Quebec Voyageurs until then.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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