Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Town vs. Hockey

My Hometown Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada. This town has hockey no doubt with locals greats from Dave Gagner (the Father of the Current Edmonton Oilers Sam Gagner), Brian Wiseman, current Edmonton Oilers Ryan Jones, and more. However for non hockey locals there's current Hamilton Tiger Cats Andy Fantuz, Former Ice Dancer Shae-Lynn Bourne, and the first and so far the "Only" Canadian baseball player to be in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame Ferguson Jenkins, yeah some history of sports right there but not one those "My town is better then yours" I'm not going to that extent got to think about Hockey in my town of Chatham why? Well here's an article about how my town miss the boat on building a state of the art arena to bring in a OHL team. O.K. here's 2 problems, problem number 1: In my town we have the Chatham Jr.B Maroons their current arena is the Chatham Memorial Arena, the the rink is old, build in 1949 and the seats are old school benches and very uncomfortable, indeed old arena so you're thinking they need is to build a new state of art arena and away you go, well it's not that easy, you see the city council in my town just put in big money on places like Convention Centre, to even renovating the Capital Theatre years ago and it done (or so I thought) but 2 things that went wrong, 1. No big parking lot: yeah it's a small parking lot heck there were some cars parked at a police station (yes it's sad), and 2. no good owners: there are owners but some didn't really have good money to keep the Theatre going, so there were so many names who owns the building I don't know who is running the building right now, all I know is that Theatre is still going, and so with that a new hockey arena is out of question, but back in the early 2000s both Mark and Dale Hunter were going going to put "Their" big bucks including the City funds to build a state of the art arena and bringing in a OHL team, "BUT" the City Council shot it down, with that the Hunter Brothers went on buying the London Knights and turn them into a highly successful team. Wow talk about missing the boat right there Chatham, you had the Hunter Bros. coming to town and want to build a "OHL style arena" but you guys shot it down all because they want some funds from the city, so much for my town having a state of art hockey arena Chatham. Witch brings me to problem number 2: There are so many pros on having a OHL team in Chatham from bring tourist from far areas in Ontario to even going to stores and fast foods joints, but the only cons I got in this and it bothers the heck out me is the "Fan Base" yes we got a good population if we put the new arena in the right spot like what the article said it's a win win! However to me in my opinion is that we are in a as I called it the "Hamilton Limbo" you see the City of Hamilton tried to bring in NHL to the City from expansions to even relocating a team it didn't work, also on a "Fan Base" vision Hamilton has two fan base 1 would be the Maple Leafs, and the Buffalo Sabres, I can see people jumping off the Leafs wagons, but people jumping off the Sabres wagons, meh flip a coin, as for Chatham getting a "OHL Fan Base" it'll be the hardest thing ever why? The answer, we got 3 OHL teams surrounding Chatham, you got the Windsor Spitfires, you got the Sarina Sting, and you got my London Knights, and most of the time those 2 out of those 3 would get success from seasons to the playoffs, so jumping off those wagons could be a difficult task to do. I don't say things alot but hopefully my town can their heads out of their butts and find a way to build a new arena soon, even though beside the Chatham Memorial Arena we do got 2 other arenas but those arenas are small and have one side seats only things there used for are house leagues, travel teams, and so on, not in a Jr.A level thing nor Jr.B level. So hopefully my town proves me wrong and get the approve to build the state of the art arena.

And that's my rant there won't be any concepts this week, there could be a chance for a top 5 but don't hold your breath it may not happened. I've been jumping back on my other projects just to recharge my creative mind, until then.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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