Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Colorado Avalanche Concepts 5

Well here we are and once again another Colorado Avalanche concept set, I'm telling you people I'll admit I always seem to have more ideas on this team more than any other teams in the NHL, lets not waste time and get to the concepts

I made this concept as part of HJC "No Horizontal Lines Competition" despite this sucker is a beauty, but it's pretty much wasn't good to everyone taste I end up with 4 points, oh well compare to other Aves concepts this was my best one or the worst one, what ever you look at it.

HJC Feedback

I was so in love with the concept I had to make the alternate jersey become the basis of the team's home and road jerseys, so the design is indeed has "mountains" all over it on the arm stripes, the hems, the yokes, and even the socks got mountains design all over it, sure these concepts aren't winners but they are in my book.

HJC Feedback
BNG Feedback 
Well that's my concepts this week come by this Sunday afternoon after 1:30pm I have made a big rant this however is involves with my town and hockey about trying to get a nice brand new hockey arena, the problems, and two guys that could have got Chatham a OHL team, and many more, now they're some point of my rant that has me shooting down my town not harsh, but made me feel that I don't see my town going to be at a OHL level, just to give you all a fair warning, for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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