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Top 5 CHL Remembrance Day/Memorial Cup theme Jerseys

Well here we are today is Remembrance Day and as always few of the CHL teams do a Remembrance Day game, and to add to this day very special they would wear a Remembrance Day theme Jerseys, one of those that isn't over the top, just normal look for only one game, and then auction them off to rise money to any Canadian Armed Forces from the teams city, however not only they do this on Remembrance Day since 2008 the host team from the Memorial Cup tournament wears Memorial Cup theme jerseys also, so with these two big events that means so much to everyone here are my top 5 CHL Remembrance Day/Memorial Cup theme Jerseys, there is some I won't explain them correctly but I'll let the jerseys speak for themselves.

5. 2008 Kitchener Rangers Memorial Cup Jersey
Let's look at this way I admit I hate cream color on jerseys I really do! But this Memorial Cup Jersey that Kitchener worn in 2008 really made it work, it really gave that vintage look and feel while at the same time pays a tribute to the men and women of the army and the main crest is neat witch the Rangers would use that for their current alternate jersey and hopefully in the future on.

4. 2009 Mississauga St. Michael's Majors Remembrance Day Jersey
Another great tribute jersey by the St. Mikes this one is for the Remembrance Day game this one really caught my eye and really proves that you don't really need the teams colors to make a good tribute jersey you have to try something different and unique, solid colors, nice use of the main crest, and the right look make a very good tribute jersey.

3. 2010 Brandon Wheat Kings Memorial Cup Jersey
This one is my favorite Memorial Cup Jersey, great use of the Chicago Blackhawks Winter Classic jersey recolored, the main crest is nicely done, a maple leaf with two sword behind it and a banner with the word "Brandon" to give a final touch a great jersey.

2. 2011 Kitchener Rangers Remembrance Day Jersey
Kitchener always seem to make good Remembrance Day Jersey every year and gets better and better at it, this one looks simple but however theirs a saying "You thinks that putting a good crest on a simple jersey is nothing think again!" This jersey is well put together this jersey pays tribute to the 31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins). 31 Combat Engineer Regiment is an Army Reserve Engineer unit in 31 Canadian Brigade Group.This jersey is nice and not over the top like other teams from other leagues that used camouflage patterns, this one really gives that classic feel and enjoyment of watching them in action, yes indeed this one is my favorite Remembrance Day jersey ever.

 1. 2011 Mississauga St. Michael's Majors Memorial Cup Jersey
This is pretty nice and very unique the main crest is a image of Canadian soldier Marc Diab, a Mississauga native who lost his life in Afghanistan to defend his country, while the maple leaf in the back is from the Toronto Scottish Regiment logo. The Toronto Scottish was an armed forces unit based out of Mississauga that fought in World War 1. Also adding St. Mikes history to their four stripes both the arms and the hem to represent the four Memorial Cups won by the St. Michael's Majors indeed a classic Memorial Cup Jersey.

So that's my top 5 Remembrance Day/Memorial Cup theme Jerseys, it's a very fitting to pay tribute to the Men and Women that lost their lives in the line of duty, to rise money for a good cost these CHL teams have always give us the reason why we should thank them for defending our nation know as Canada, hopefully we will see some more tribute jerseys down the road.
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