Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Jet(ting) with some concepts

The day has come my brand new Winnipeg Jets concepts

Just in case if you'll don't remember I made this concept last year (uh don't let the date on the post fool you ha ha ha) on this the changes I made was pretty much more Reebok standards then my old one I removed the arrow vertical stripe from the hem both front and back, on the back of the jersey the vertical stripe that goes across now cut off to give that Reebok standards, made two stripes on the wrist to match the hem, I also add the Jets current main crest minus the maple leaf as shoulder patch, and finally the main crest itself it's the same as my old concept gave it a different color placement as voted by you all, I was thinking about filling the word JETS with different colors the more I look at it the more I think I'll keep it that way until it hit me a different shade of white I had on the cockpit area, so I use it and it look perfect and thus my new Jets concepts.

HJC Feedback

Oh just for fun I decide to do the same Jets concept on Uniforms dot com template.
It's pretty much the same as the old one only made some tweaks just to fit the template, but this one really gave me the inspiration to redesign my Jets concept.

So there you have it my Jets concept once I'm done adding some detail texts on my concepts it's ready to go! Unless you have a put in on it if not away I go.
Come by later this week as I'm posting another Top 5s this one is a you can call it a Remembrance Day/Memorial Cup theme Jerseys and believe me the Kitchener Rangers ain't the only team that has Remembrance Day/Memorial Cup theme Jerseys theirs others as well, you just have to wait and see until now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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