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I got 99 plus 1 more problems with Hockey! (Warning: Me ranting out of control!)

Well here we are my rant about hockey for my 100th post here at Hockey Jerseys Arts, so here we go.

NHL Lockout continues on!
Yes indeed this whole mess is still continues witch right now we lost all the games in November, and just yesterday cancels all the games in December and to no surprise this year Winter Classic, just like 2004-05, all because of both the Owners and the Players can't agreed on anything, so yeah the way this is going we all might as well kiss the rest of the 2012-13 season goodbye!

New York Islanders moving to Brooklyn.
Well it's official people after the 2014-15 season the Islanders are moving out of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Now their are some negative feedbacks on this and yes it true it's seats 2000 less than Nassau and the Barclays Center is build for Basketball standards only but think about this people the thing are going in the NHL right now this is indeed pretty much a rebuild in regaining some of the fan base that they lost over the years mainly keeping their identity in tack, they'll get back some of their old fans as well as new fans along the way, and maybe in the next couple of years down the road the Barclays Center would get a upgrade, for now hopefully the Islanders can put the past (including the 90s and 2000s mostly) behind them and look into the future.

2nd team in Toronto! A wake up call for the Leafs?
Yes sir e bob the rumors tells it all that with a new arena in Markham Ontario and there are a good chance that a bid for a NHL team will happen, but this raise a very big Question, will this be the Toronto Maple Leafs big wake up call? Some people will say "Yes", others say "No", but I for one believes the the Leafs should not take this rumors lightly, why? Well let me tell you. The New York Rangers were around a long time until in 1972 the Islanders was born and the are like "meh they'll never get far", but when 1980s came around and "BOOM" the Islanders won the Stanley Cup 4 years in a row! while the Rangers having a hell of a time trying to win the Stanley Cup until 1994 when they finally won it all and end one of the biggest drought ever. You also got the Los Angeles Kings they were around a long time too, then came the Anaheim Ducks (or the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in the beginning) the Kings are like "they'll never be big like us we're Hollywood size team they'll be gone in couple of years", come 2007 and "BOOM" the Ducks beat the Ottawa Senators in 5 games to win the Stanley Cup while 5 years later the Kings beats the Devils in 6 games to win the cup. So in the other words Leafs if this Markham City gets a NHL team you better step up and get your head out of your ass because if not, you're going to end up the same problems as the Rangers and L.A. guarantee!

Why Wranglers Why?
Just when you think the teams new main crest was bad enough, their new jerseys are the worse. I just can't explain how bad they are it's one those things that the jerseys are plain while the crest and the shoulder patches have some live to it, I mean just at these old uniforms before the rebrand they're way better then what they're wearing right now! It's sad really sad, they had such good logos until this came up I'm just not pleased at all.

Coyotes Ownership Saga Year 4
Once again this saga is still continuing and let's face it everyone it's not going to end well that's for sure, I mean think about it everyone they got no owner(s), the city is paying big bucks and laying off workers just to keep this team that the market is not working, just to add insult, Gary Bettman still believes that hockey in the desert will work, that's sad when you had a commissioner of the NHL has more fate in a wasted market over a well established hockey market in the north. I hope this ends soon, move them or fold them, if not the city of Glendale AZ, will be broke all because of one mans dream became the city's nightmare!

2 more Expansion = too many headaches
Alright here's a thought, there's a rumors that said that if this whole lockout mess gets fix, that they would add 2 more teams in the NHL in hopes of even the divisions at 8 each within 2 conference. O.K. here's my question, Why would the NHL want to add 2 more teams where their other teams can't even keep themselves together and always get the League and/or the city to bail them out? It's really sad where you some teams in the south are having a hard time getting a packed house to even one team that doesn't even have a owner, and yet all the NHL are talking about is expansion, "REALLY", all I can say is NHL you're not ready for expansion in fact the way things are going you guys aren't ready to be a 30 team league the way things are going, indeed it's true hockey is number 4 out of all other sports in the North America and sooner or later if things get any worse chances are some other sport will take that number 4 over hockey.

The new Winnipeg Jets big seller: No Surprise!
Just read a piece of a article on The Hockey News about the Winnipeg Jets being a best seller witch it's no surprise to me, hell they became a best seller because they're a new team, but the city of Winnipeg no matter how small the city is, it's how big the market is and the hockey market in Winnipeg is strong pretty much the same if not almost the same level as other well established hockey markets out there unlike other so called big markets from city that has big population that would be a easy money maker, so anyway I wish the Jets for the best and keep on selling like hot cakes.

Daryl Katz vs. the City of Edmonton feud.
There's a saying "the Rich gets Richer!" or in this case "the Rich gets over their heads!" Katz trip to Seattle trying to scare the people Edmonton, to even asking the City for money in order to build a new arena, O.K. Daryl I understand, getting the city money to build this new state of the art arena is nice all and the City would go "gun ho" for it if you were a "Millionaire!" really dude you're a "Billionaire" you can make the state of the art arena with a snap of a finger! Yet you want the city to give you a crap load of money in order to build a new arena or else you're moving the team, well I say you might as well move them, I know we just got 7 Canadian teams and all, however dude as much you're a media lover with throwing you big bucks to political partys here and there, to other donations, aside from that the people of Edmonton have been in this kind of threats for years all the time, and mostly you Daryl Katz are a good example of a greedy Billionaire that you don't want to spend "your" money on a arena instead you want "their" money to make it happen. The City of Edmonton thinks you can build the arena with your money without problems so that they don't end up like the Phoenix Coyotes after spending the city money to build a new arena and here we are the problems on how the city of Glendale is still paying the league with city tax money in order to keep this team in the middle of the desert that no one cares about to even buyers want the team to stay but can't come up with the money to do so, to lastly the buyers want to move the team but rejected because our good old commissioner of the NHL don't want to move the team because it's part of his dream of a southern market success. So Daryl Katz you're not getting your way with these people of Edmonton because they are not stupid as you think, in my option if this whole mess in Phoenix would have fixed from getting a new owner or finally move out of the desert to some better hockey market within a year or sooner, I can guarantee you that you will have your way with the city of Edmonton.

Well that's my rant their more stuff on hockey but I'm going to stop right here mainly most of them are nothing but lost for words to me, there will be another concept made by me soon and mainly I had a big concept idea in the works after reading a article from The Hockey News couple of weeks ago, till then.
Just Maybe?
Jest Enjoy!

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