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My Top 5 favorite NHL Video Games of all time

With NHL 13 are now on store shelf’s for many hardcore hockey video game fans to fans that needed that Hockey fix, but not for me I’m not very excited about it, the more updates on the game gets, the more I go “sigh”, follow by “ugh”, and lastly shaking my head in grief, these hockey video games now a days will never be like the old games I love to play, will I buy NHL 13? Maybe, whose knows? For now this is my top 5 favorite NHL Video Games of all time.

5. NHL 2003 (GCN)
 This game I got for Christmas for my GameCube and I got to say this game was pretty different so to speak with their manual dukes on the “C” stick you can control your stick handle to fool the goalie, every time that you go on a breakaway you have heart pounding motion, you also have the “Game Breaker Meter” were you fill this meter up, press the “Z” button and your surroundings moves in slow motion, and lastly the NHL Cards where you earn points and buy cards, unlike me I just use my Action Replay cheats to buy alot of cards mainly power play cards because I always seem to end up on penalty kills more than power plays, the only down point on the game is the commentaries, one is alright, but the other is ignoring, so all and all it’s a good game for me to enjoy.

4. NHL 99 (N64)
 Ah the good old N64 how the days of playing this system brings back so many memories from Mario Kart 64 to WWF No Mercy but one hockey game that I played and enjoy at the same time is NHL 99, I really like playing this game it doesn’t have all that dukes and stuffs that the newer hockey games got, just straight up move your joystick left to right and shoot that’s all, this was really fun the best part of the game is the replay it’s fun, the down point on this game is the data I have to use the memory card, sadly I got a cheap kind that every time I pull it out and reinsert back in the controller all the data was gone, but in the end a very fun game!

3. NHL Hitz 2003 (GCN)
 Remember NFL Blitz games made by Midway? Well if you do then you should know NHL Hitz, their first one was good but this game was awesomely hardcore in your face hockey game that I ever played, nice 3 on 3 style game playing, checking other players is easy and awesome I mean you can check them through the glass and into the crowd, the Fighting game play was the best, the Franchise mode was fun, you have to complete tasks, and more, the mini game are a blast and fun to play, and just like NFL Blitz games you can set yourself on Fire, the special lock stuff to unlock galore from unlocking stadiums, Classic jerseys, body forms, to even animals heads for the Create A Player mode, the commentaries is just like NFL Blitz crazy and funny, the down point on this game is the Create A Team if you choose the Logo you get the whole works and that’s it, overall  this is pretty much an arcade style game but a Fun and Awesome game!

2. NHL 95 (PC)
Ah the good old days of PC games, well really I don’t have many PC games, but I do have this game, a nice 2-D style game playing with use the “A” key to pass, the “space bar” to shoot, and the “arrow keys” to move your players around, or use the mouse as the controller, there’s a create a player thing on this game too, also both season and playoffs mode, it’s a very good game no doubt. I would love to play this game again, but the computers now are too advanced for the old PC game to accept it witch is sad, but hopefully one day I’ll get to play this game again.

1. NHL 2004 (GCN)
This one of the greatest game I have ever played and pretty much the prime for EA Sports hockey series to my mind, the controller is perfect, the dukes is easy to do for breakaways to beat the goalies, the Bruise Control is the best feature on this game hold the “L” button and flick the “C” stick and watch the opposing player fly, the buttons combos to do spins and blocks are right on, the commentaries is spot on, both the season and playoff mode is good, the GM mode is brilliantly made to give players that challenging edge both on the ice and off the ice from drafts to trades, upgrades to the teams transportations, gyms, scouts, etc. It’s a very good game to play best one ever.

And that’s my top 5 favorite NHL Video Games of all time! Yes indeed the video games have changed and with Nintendo newest system the “Wii U” coming and as the Nintendo fans like myself is excited and hopefully get the system and maybe MAYBE EA Sports would make a NHL game for the new system, one those that to made every year kinda thing like PS3 and Xbox 360 usually get, but for now we’ll wait and see.
What’s your favorite Hockey Video Games of all time, your top 5, 10, or that one game that means so much to you? Post a comment and tell us what your favorite Hockey Video Games is. Until then.

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  1. So Glad someone else likes NHL04 as much I did, The GM mode is one of the best ever, its simple but realistic and its easy to learn but hard to perfect