Friday, 19 October 2012

Brewing up some Admirals

Once upon a time theirs a team began in the year 1977 in the old IHL (International Hockey League) called the Milwaukee Admirals, in the year 2001 the IHL close it's doors and the Admirals joins the AHL and in 2004 the Admirals won their first (and so far the only) Calder Cup title.
For the past months I try to make the Admirals concepts to top their current set, their look is not bad and heck I even own their ice blue 3rd, but one thing that bothers the heck out of me is their socks, it drove me nuts and ruins a good set, and so here's "3" Milwaukee Admirals concepts I tried to brew up.
Oh one more thing just for info of why their is a Milwaukee Brewers old logo on the Adms jerseys? The answer is one of the part owners of the Adms is also the Owner of the Milwaukee Brewers with that the Brewers are their main sponsor.

 Milwaukee Admirals Concepts number 1
This one I try to make it easy, simple, and have that classic feel to it with their full body Admiral not only it's fits this concepts but also it's my favorite crest ever. And so I made black as their main color and give their ice blue some more spotlight with silver as addition color, the 3rd concept is much base on their 80s look they had when they were the Quebec Nordiques farm club instead of the fleur de lis, I use the teams anchor logo to give that flux back feel to it.

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts number 2
Now this one I really had a hard time, I decide to make their ice blue as the main color both colored and 3rd, while the white stay the same, and quite honestly to tell you the truth I have a hard time in making the ice blue as the road I really don't want to make it as the road it's too good to be a road jersey, so I decide to pull a NHL jersey rule, even though the AHL jerseys rule is the white jersey is home and the color ones are the road, but I just pulled the NHL jerseys rule and did it that way, indeed that is not how AHL roll but couldn't bare my self to do.

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts number 3

There's a saying go "if it doesn't succeed try, try again" and thus I did! On the home jersey I switched the black with ice blue, the road jersey the arm strips is switch from white to ice blue, the 3rd and special event is the same as my second concepts, you kinda say it's a complete set right here, I really like this concept so hopefully you all enjoy these concepts.

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