Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hartford Whalers Concepts

Hi everyone, now before we get on the concept on your left side of my blog it's a poll, after my "AHL Affiliate Fantasy Week" I decide to make a poll to see witch of my 5 concepts you want me to sent not just to HJC, but others concepts site as well, this one however is multiple vote that means you can vote more then one concept, the poll is open until the 21st of October.
Now on to the concept.
This concept I try to give it something simple yet the way I believe it would fit to the fans taste and keep it in Reebok standards, the design on the arms look like the Flyers old jerseys that look like one of those wave feel that I got that was too good to pass so I use that, add some trims on it made the colors Green, Blue, Light Silver, and Dark Silver, this concept took me a long time in a short week mainly jumping in between my job to house sitting my sister's place I just barely got my computer time in it, I got everything done there's more likely some errors on this concepts before I sent it to HJC as part of the Hartford Whalers redesign contest they got going on over there now it's voting week, when ever they pull the trigger for all of us to vote and I know back of my hand there are others concepts over there is really good so people get ready to vote for your favorite Hartford Whalers concept.

That's all for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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