Wednesday, 29 August 2012

P.E.I. Rockets: [insert new name]

Well after 10 years the P.E.I. Rockets Group have decide to change their name, well this came as a no shock to me because that name was better off stayed in Montreal, indeed it was named after the great late "Maurice Richard", when I heard the news about the team relocated from Montreal to P.E.I. I thought they were going to rename the team, but it didn't happen, and now they're going to do it they are going to change their name like they should have done 10 years ago, with this renaming the team in P.E.I. that had the "P.E.I. Senators" for only 2 years surely enough they would name the team after that or anything name some theme related nickname that made P.E.I. such a good place to go to, well guess what now you can, this link will give you the power to give the team a real name, I for one believe that they should be called the "P.E.I. Dragons"! Why you may ask? Well because if check out the province flag you know right off the bat theirs a dragon I think it's a cool idea to name name the team that, but you don't have to agreed with me, go to the team's site and put in any name you want the team should be called.

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