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Top 31 NHL 2017-18 jerseys 31 to 21

Hi folks Alan here for a special series here at AJH HJA. No concepts here this time around I’m doing a top list for the first time since my top 11 NHL outdoor game jerseys, but this one is a big one. Everyone has their takes, their thoughts, and their top lists of the NHL 2017-18 Adidas jerseys so why not join in the fun and do my own. So, let’s not waste any of your reading time as I present to you all my top 31 NHL 2017-18 jerseys! This is part 1 as I ranked teams both their home and road together as a set along with equipment as bonus points from 31 to 21, so here we go.

31. Ottawa Senators
Source: NHL Uniform Database
An updated version of their bad design Reebok edge jerseys is not what the fans want, even with their NHL 100 classic jersey did not help get away from being rank number 31 on my list no ifs or buts about it. Overall everything is so same you would think that this team was still wearing the same set under Reebok.

30. Washington Capitals
Source: NHL Uniform Database
The 2018 Stanley Cup champions and why I put this team in 30? It’s simple just like Ottawa they carry their Reebok edge design over to Adidas and I’m not happy that they miss the opportunity in improving the jerseys at least give the back of their jersey the same treatment as they did in the front for the arms. But in the end, this set is on the bottom of my list and don’t get me started on their Stadium series jersey they’re awful plain and simple.

29. Nashville Predators
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This team once had a good set from the late Reebok edge era to a big disappointment I mean thin stripes really? You might as well remove white and make it gold and blue all the way for crying out loud. The only good about this set is the pants nothing else.

28. Carolina Hurricanes
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Despite an improvement to their home jersey but they didn’t touch the road jersey that’s a bad move in my book and with the 2018-19 season around the corner and their new disaster alternate jersey come in play it’s not looking good at all.

27. Arizona Coyotes
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Even they just change their look in 2015 but their look is not my cup of tea if they fix the arm stripes I would give this set higher then 27, and bring back their moon logo, or move the team somewhere else (yeah, I know it’s a pipedream.)

26. Anaheim Ducks
Source: NHL Uniform Database
I like their black jersey if they promote it down as an alternate jersey the white jersey is bad the arms and the hem does not match with the yoke at all and the socks for the black jersey make you think they’re pulling a Boston Bruins with making orange as the main color I just don’t like it at all.

25. New Jersey Devils
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This team was on my own top 10 best jersey set but this one was a downgrade for me the 1 thin stripe on the hem was painful to look at, the stripes on the arms are big and gives that Blackhawks vibe going on, and I felt that they miss the chance of making the black trim around the letters and the numbers thicker to really pop. Not the greatest from a team that always had good looking jerseys.

24. Calgary Flames
Source: NHL Uniform Database
I never really had an issue with their Reebok edge set, in truth I kind of like them. This one is alright they remove the horizontal piping, they straighten up both the letters and the numbers. These improvements weren’t enough to help this set get in the top 20.

23. Columbus Blue Jackets
Source: NHL Uniform Database
I like the design of the jersey, but the stripes are too thin to my taste, the stripes on the socks are so thin they look plain to me. The pants are not working well with the set I just don’t feel it at all it just doesn’t fit at all. I dig the fonts but with thick trim around the numbers, it's just not working for me on these jerseys.

22. Buffalo Sabres
Source: NHL Uniform Database
This team had everything going on, I like the designs for both home and road, and love the updated logo but the colours just don’t fit the profile at all. The team’s winter classic jersey is awesome, but the main set is not. If they made the navy blue to just normal blue remove the silver colour and this set could easily make it to the top 10.

21. Tampa Bay Lightning
Source: NHL Uniform Database
Despite they remove the “Tampa Bay” wordmark off from their road jersey but it didn’t help out I felt like the jerseys need more black to them jerseys and at least add silver. If it weren’t for other team’s flaws, these sets would be bottom of the barrel.

Well, that’s part one of my top 31 NHL 2017-18 set. Come back next week for part two featuring rank from 20 to 11. Until then, later.

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  1. Great way to rank up the jerseys from #31 to #21. Although I agree with you on the Tampa Bay Lightning looking purely basic. Would be cool if they bring back black & silver & re-tweak or re-modify a bit more.