Saturday, 14 July 2018

Calgary Inferno concept 1

Hello, Alan here for another Saturday post here at AJH HJA. taking a break from fan request post for the time being until I get more done (if I get to them ha ha ha) anyway this one is a concept base on a Canadian Women's Hockey League team known as the Calgary Inferno. Believe it or not, I did this concept for the HJC's the season tournament sadly my concept got dead last, why? Simply because I send the wrong set to the contest witch the reason why it got a dead last result.

So here's the set.
You can say the dark it's the Flames old red pre-edge jersey but the gold and black switch roles. Nothing to say too much about the white jersey just the Flames old pre-edge with big red stripe with thick gold stripe, and black thin stripe on both the arms, and hem. Recoloured the team's logo to fit with the jerseys, gold logo on the red, and red on the white. Fonts on the nameplate are the LA Kings current letter font, while the numbers are the J-Log razor edge sans small caps with trims.

Well, that's all I got for this week, come back here next week for my real Inferno concept. Til then, later.

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  1. This concept jersey set looks blazing hot. Although I only have one small tweak suggestion, I prefer not to say it for now. In the meantime, amazing job on pulling this one out.