Saturday, 12 May 2018

2018 AJH HJA NHL Playoffs Pickz: Round 2 review, NHL Adidas concept extra, and round 3 picks.

Hi all, Alan here for another 2018 NHL Playoff Pickz post here at AJH HJA. Let's get to the round 2 review.

Western Conference

Nashville (C1) vs. Winnipeg (C2)
My pick: Preds in 6 games
Result: Jets in 7 games
My thought: I expected the Jets ran out of fuel but instead it's the Preds that ran out of fuel.

Vegas (P1) vs. San Jose (P3)
My pick: Vegas in 6 games
Result: Vegas in 6 games
My thought: I rolled the dices and got this series right.

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay (A1) vs. Boston (A2)
My pick: Bolts in 7 games
Result: Bolts in 5 games
My thought: Tampa was so good, they made the Bruins bit their tongues. Well just Brad.

Washington (M1) vs. Pittsburgh (M2)
My pick: Pens in 6 games
Result: Caps in 6 games
My thought: OK I didn't really thought that the Caps had a chance to beat the Pens, but they did it and they surprised me pretty good.

Now it's time for you guess it, another NHL Adidas concept extra. This time the Carolina Hurricanes.
I gave the the warning flag stripes the same treatment as what the team did with their current dark jersey. The dark jersey got more black on it but kinda miss the mark on the white jersey so this set didn't make the cut.

Now time for my round 3 picks.

Western Conference

Vegas (P1) vs. Winnipeg (C2)

My pick: Vegas in 5 games

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay (A1) vs. Washington (M1)

My pick: Bolts in 6 games

Well that's my round 3 picks, see you all next Saturday, til then later.

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  1. First of all, the Hurricanes concept looks pretty decent for a re-modified version. Great job on that.

    On the picks. I still believe that Vegas got a shot to make history for a 1st-year franchise (but coming from scratch and not from a previous re-location) by winning it all. Speaking of history, Winnipeg is on their 1st Conf. Finals in team history. That's on the West. But on the East, Tampa is playing very decent, but I will go with Washington on that one, because they hadn't been in the Stanley Cup since their 1st appearance in 97-98, where they got swept. But still lots of hockey left within postseason play to go. I bet both series will be very fun to watch.