Monday, 9 April 2018

2018 AJH HJA NHL Playoffs Pickz

Hello everyone, Alan here for this year edition of the NHL Playoffs Pickz! This year was a close race to the playoffs spots, in the end 16 teams have earn their spots in this year playoffs but only one will become the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions.

Before my picks I got some rant to talk about, here's my surprises, disappointment, and really? Let's get this going.

My Surprise
Vegas Golden Knights: Well this is a team that everyone including me thought that they were going to end up just like any other new team entering their first season in the NHL, rock bottom! Somehow, someway they kinda jell pretty well, so well that they are 1st place in the Pacific division, this is a shocker to everyone nobody didn't expect them be this good, here's hope that this team can thrive in the desert area far better then what the Arizona Coyotes can do.

Chicago Blackhawks: The last time this team missed the playoffs was in 2007-08 season, so after 10 years winning three Stanley Cups they have missed this year playoffs. I wonder what's next for this team, will they bounce back next season, or will they tank?

My Disappointment
Edmonton Oilers: They came from being eliminated in the 2nd round of the 2017 NHL Playoffs, to missing this year playoffs. Well back to the drawing board this team again.

Montreal Canadiens: I got nothing to say a lot about this one, just they played bad.

My "Really?"
Ottawa Senators: So many dramas on this one that I don't know what to start it's too much mostly putting your top star through everything along with losing his son. Really Ottawa?

St.Louis Blues: You guys just can't make your minds up, you want to go to playoffs then win games, if not just tank for crying out load. Really Blues?

Now as I said from my previous posts I now will show you all my NHL Adidas concept series extra! This one is the team that will not go to the playoffs this year is the Edmonton Oilers.
The jersey design was classic but I felt it need a modern touch. The fonts I want to use was the Oilers old alternate jersey from 2001-07, but it kinda was too modern to my taste.

Alright everyone it's time for my pickz! I going to make this short and sweet, so here we go.

Western Conference

Nashville (C1) vs. Colorado (WC2)
My Pick: Preds in 4 games

Winnipeg (C2) vs. Minnesota (C3)
My Pick: Jets in 7 games

Vegas (P1) vs. LA (WC1)
My Pick: G-Knights in 6 games

Anaheim (P2) vs. San Jose (P3)
My Pick: Ducks in 6 games

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay (A1) vs. New Jersey (WC2)
My Pick: Bolts in 5 games

Boston (A2) vs. Toronto (A3)
My Pick: Bruins in 6 games

Washington (M1) vs. Columbus (WC1)
My Pick: Caps in 7 games

Pittsburgh (M2) vs. Philadelphia (M3)
My Pick: Flyers in 7 games

Well everyone that's my picks see you all at my next post.

 In Memory
Humboldt Broncos

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  1. Sorry for being like a week or 2 late on the playoff picks. But before I get to those momentarily, and although I'm half-bit behind on keeping track with this season, cuz of the post-hurricane madness on my end, I got a few surprises & disappointments myself

    One of those surprises would be the Vegas Golden Knights, just like your pic, for a few reasons. 1.) They had a tremendous season, in terms of wins & gameplay chemistry. That's like the first time I seen a franchise or team to do so since the Colorado Avalanche back in 95-96 (which eventually won its 1st Stanley Cup). The sole basic difference is that the Avs are a re-located team from the defunct Quebec Nordiques (where they had Sakic, Forsberg, Krupp, Foote & Nolan at one point, b4 having Roy); while the Golden Knights are a team from scratch (a.k.a. a new expansion team). And when it comes to new teams joining a league, the chances of having a great winning season are slim to none, like almost impossible. But if they keep playing like they are so far, they might make history within the NHL.

    A few of my disappointments are the following: The St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers; as both teams were playoff contenders on the previous season, yet they didn't manage to qualify for contention this time. And I'm a bit shocked that the Blackhawks are not in the postseason as well.

    For predictions: I had Vegas, San Jose, Nashville (defending West Conf. champs & sorry Avs) & Winnipeg in the West; and Tampa, Toronto, Columbus & Philadelpiha in the East. Only time will tell when the upcoming predictions for the Conf. Semis start soon.

    Plus, amazing concept on the Oilers jersey. Love the traditional look on the hem & yoke; but also that particular font from their 2001-07 alternate. Might be modern, but at least it's not bright royal blue & bright orange.