Friday, 9 September 2016

Request to come back

Hello everybody, I'm back and what a summer I had. Long story short, in July I helped my sister move out of her old place to her new home. August I played my first Road Hockey league season great experience, still playing in the league and hopefully will lead to a decent season out of it.

With that aside time for some concepts, a “Request concepts!” Once again by John O. This time it’s the San Jose Sharks. Believe me folks this one is a big one, a total of 22 jerseys! There were so many I lost track of thru the progress, there were jerseys that look alike but there are small details on each jerseys that makes them different so here are 4 groups, a group of white jerseys, a group of teal jersey, a group of black jerseys, and lastly a first a group of grey jerseys.

After that I found three jerseys that look good enough to make it as the set.
The home and road set is based on the Sharks old pre edge alternate jersey but with the Sharks current alternate logo along with the “SJ” logo on the shoulders, arm stripes is the same as the old pre edge but filled the cuffs area to give that different look vibe to it. Colors on numbers are as followed the way he ask for, on the white jersey is teal, grey trim, and black outer trim. On the teal jersey its black, grey trim, and white outer trim.

The alternate fan request jersey is based on the Sharks old pre edge dark jersey. This one was not an easy task mainly because on the old pre edge dark jersey it had no shoulder patches what so ever and trying to put the shoulder logo with the numbers to go with it is a hard task, but with putting on the old pre edge dark jersey I was able to lower the numbers down so the arms doesn’t look too cluttered with both shoulders patches and numbers together. Using the current logo for the front, and the team’s current alternate logo on the shoulders. The colors he ask for numbers are black, with teal trim, and white outer trim.

Well that’s today post hope you all glad for me to be back, hopefully to get back and stay on track. Until then, later.

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  1. Thanks for posting this man. Plus, love your picks or choices for a possible concept jersey pair set.