Thursday, 23 June 2016

Requesting to take a break.

Hi everyone Alan here at AJH HJA. Just like last year I’m taking a summer break from this site, and hopefully unlike last year I’ll get back on track this September. I got a lot of goodies on this post to get to, so let’s get to it.

Penguins wins the Stanley Cup!
First up I would like to congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins on winning the Stanley Cup as they beat the San Jose Sharks in 6 games, witch I’m disappointed that it didn’t end in 5 I felt like the Sharks use their last litres of gas in them for nothing, but in the end the Pens got the job done and claim their 4th Stanley Cup title and for 4th time they won it on the road.

Hockey comes to Las Vegas
Well its official, Las Vegas is getting a hockey team. This has been a heavy rumored about it pretty much a long time. The word is the team name will be called the “Black Knights” others said it’s should be called something else who knows we’ll wait till October to see if they reviled the official name. That means once again Quebec got jib out of the expansion, man this city just can’t catch a break, hopefully they’ll get a team ether expansion, or relocation if our Canadian dollar stop sucking bad.

Remember my Atlanta Thrashers concept, well I made some tweaks on that concept mainly on the arm stripes, I cut off the arrows stripes and fix the some stripes here and there and that’s all.
Now we get to the request concept once again made by John O. You may remember him from his past requests as the “Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series” concept, the “Ottawa Senators Concept” and the “Toronto Maple Leafs Boston style concept.” This time it’s the St. Louis Blues. This one is a Blues classic pre-edge uniform (1998-2007) in Reebok edge form, but only difference is the numbers and nameplates gets a J-LOG Rebellion Sans Small Caps font custom made by John O. Before I started to work on it I show him the new templates I saw that I really like and I ask him, well really I was hoping he was cool with it but it didn’t happen but oh well I try my best. Anyways it’s a theme of what if the jerseys look like in different ways within blue, gold, and navy blue, from his liking to my oops.  So instead of posting them by Home, Road, Alternate set style I decided to post them in groups, one all white jerseys, one in blue jerseys, and one in navy blue.
White Jerseys
Blue Jerseys
Navy Blue Jerseys

Before I go there was sad news everywhere in hockey world that we lost a legend, on June the 10th we the hockey world lost Gordie Howe. He was all-time greats, Hall of Famer, and in my opinion the man that put the Detroit Red Wings on the map! We the Hockey fans are going to miss you Gordie.

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  1. Fabulous stuff. Love the alt packs on the St. Louis Blue concept.