Saturday, 19 December 2015

Colt 2.0

Hi everyone Alan here for another post here at AJH HJA. Today is a OHL team that I made 3 three years ago, after that I thought I would never do it again until HJC had a contest and I can't help it but to do a concept of  that team again, today is the Barrie Colts.

Simple stripes on the arms, hem, sock, and even on the side of the pants. Added cuffs to the wrist, red on the blue jersey, and blue on the white jersey. Standard block font for both numbers, and nameplate. The main crest is indeed the team's Secondary Logo but recolored by me. Lastly the shoulder patch logo (also for the helmet as well) made by me with a small improvement.

HJC Feedback

And so the post is in the books, come over Sunday for my last concept post of 2015, til then later.

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