Saturday, 9 August 2014

Summer of Concept Contributor: Beep! Beep! And Quack! Quack!

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. "Summer of Concept Contributor" is still rolling on with week number 6 with a double concepts from Ricky M, and one from Jake! On to the concepts.

Montreal Roadrunners Roller Hockey International concept [by Ricky M.]
The Jersey is put together nicely, I know it looks like it was just put together, but it was put together instructively. The logo fits this concept, it also fits with the Roller Hockey International. The number fonts are good, but two things, one on the road it needs black trim around the numbers, and two the front numbers really doesn't need to be there. The swirl on the hem of both jerseys is an nice touch. The colors is good even thou it got black, and navy blue with red as the main color, but it was tamed wisely.

Anaheim Ducks Concept [by Ricky M.]
Up points: Orange as the home's main color is a plus to me. Using the Ducks alternate shoulder patch as the main logo for both home, and road is a good move to me! The home, and road jerseys are well put together. The alternate jersey is normal, but good enough to me that feature the Mighty Ducks era alternate word mark logo that is recolored and looking good. Lastly the NYR's pants with the Ducks colors is a good enough for my cup of tea.
Down points: The lack of hem on both home, and road, and black color numbers, and nameplate is the only things I got beef with.
My suggestion: Add hem stripes on both home, and road jerseys. Make the numbers, and nameplate on the home jersey white.

Oregon Ducks NCAA concept [by Jake88]
Up points: The chest stripes and the "O" logo fits the theme for Oregon hockey, the stripes is well done, helmet got that football theme going, and it really help makes it happen. Add small wings on the shoulders is fine with me. Lastly nice call on the fonts for both numbers, and nameplate.
Down points: The dark looks really too plain compare to the white jersey. Green pants, and green gloves doesn't match with the green on the jerseys. Fake lase nuff said.
My suggestion: Make the pants and the gloves the same colors as the jerseys. Give the stripes on the dark the same treatment as the white just switch the green, yellow, and green to yellow, green, and yellow.

Another week of  "Summer of Concept Contributor" is in the books come by next week for another one til then, I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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