Monday, 5 May 2014

Edmonton Oilers Alternate Concept

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. I got a NHL concept today, an alternate concept, an alternate concept that was part of the HJC contest, a Edmonton Oilers alternate jersey concept! Let's get going shall we.
 I used the arm stripes base on my Boston Bruins concept, but with the stripes of the Oilers current set, then I spin it, and flip it to fit it nicely. I use the Dallas Stars yokes with trim around it. The shoulder patch came from the Oilers old alternate shoulder patch, but without the word mark above it. The main logo is the team's old alternate logo, well design logo if I say so myself.

HJC Feedback
HCI Feedback

Well today's post is in the books. There will be a post per week made by me most likely, as for concept contributor posts it'll be on hold until the Playoffs are over, witch means just like last year in summer with my IceHL concepts I'll be doing a weekly post of just concept contributors, mainly because I'm getting (not a lot, but) good numbers of concepts from contributors, so I decide what the hey put them together for this summer (in July) called "Summer of Contributors!" If you want to be part of this event send your concepts to Hope you all enjoy this summer, Until then, I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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