Friday, 14 February 2014

The Big 200th post!

Hello I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to. Welcome to my 200th post here on AJH Hockey Jersey Art! We got concepts by me, concepts from an contributor, and some other stuff right here all in one post. Let's not waste time and get things going shall we.

From my September 30th post I made prediction for the 2013-14 NHL season, and as promise (well I promise myself even thou we're on Olympic break) I give you my mid season prediction.

Here's my prediction from Sept 30th post.
 * = division winner, # = Top 3 draft
1. Pittsburgh*
2. Detroit*
3. Boston
4. Philly
5. Montreal
6. NY Rangers
7. Columbus
8. Toronto
9. Washington
10. NY Islanders
11. Buffalo
12. Carolina
13. Tampa Bay
14. Ottawa
15. New Jersey#
16. Florida#

1. Chicago*
2. L.A.*
3. St.Louis
4. Anaheim
5. Vancouver
6. Minnesota
7. Edmonton
8. San Jose
9. Winnipeg
10. Dallas
11. Phoenix
12. Nashville
13. Colorado
14. Calgary#
Now here's my mid season prediction on how it'll look like at the end of this season.
* = division winner, # = Top 3 draft, % = wild card teams that could have a chance of getting in the playoffs.

1. Pittsburgh*
2. Boston*
3. Detroit
4. Montreal
5. NY Rangers
6. Tampa Bay
7. Columbus%
8. Philly%
9. Toronto%
10. Washington%
11. NY Islanders
12. Ottawa
13. Carolina
14. Florida
15. New Jersey
16. Buffalo#

1. Chicago*
2. Anaheim
3. L.A.
4. St.Louis
5. San Jose
6. Vancouver
7. Minnesota%
8. Colorado%
9. Dallas%
10. Nashville%
11. Phoenix
12. Winnipeg
13. Calgary#
14. Edmonton#
Now to the concepts

Team Canada Concept (Olympics Version) [by me]
Just like my other Team Canada concept only different is the main logo. Simple stripes on the hem, the socks, and on the side of the pants. Simple stripes on the arms with a maple leaf cut off the end of the middle stripe. The logo of team Canada with the classic word mark from their alternate logo. The numbers, and nameplate are standard block.

HJC Feedback
SG-94 Feedback

 Winnipeg Jets Alternate Concept [by Ricky M.]
Up points: Nice combination of pieces, well put together, even thou the jersey were made from Thrashers old Reebok set. Using the team's word mark logo as the main logo is O.K with me.
Down points: Fonts on both numbers and nameplates made doesn't fit this jersey to me. Red as the main color doesn't suit my taste at all.
My Suggestion: Change the fonts, and switch the red with blue.

Creighton Blue Jays NCAA Concept [by me]
 This was an recolored version of my Boston Bruins concept. I felt that this template would fit the blue jays very well.
HJC Feedback

Stadium Series Anaheim vs LA concept [by Ricky M.]
Up points: The jersey got hem stripe on this one then the official one that doesn't. Numbers on the back isn't stretched, witch it's a good thing. Using the shoulder patch from the team's alternate set was a wise choice.
Down points: Gold color under the arms is not my cup of tea. No stripes on the pants makes it too plain, and almost ruin the jersey.
My Suggestion: Change the gold to orange, and add stripes to the pants.

Up points: Nicely done on the stripes, the team's old logo that was main crest from 1998 to 2002, and as shoulder patch from 2002 to 2011 is on this one is surprising, and an good choice to my taste.
Down points: Despite there is purple on the jersey, but I felt that this needs more on this jersey. Just like the Ducks pants no stripes.
My Suggestion: More purple on the stripes, and collar. Add stripes on the pants.

Stadium Series Rangers, Islanders, and Devils [by Ricky M.]
NY Rangers
Up points: Using the lady liberty logo was an awesome idea to do! Red as the team's main color really made the jersey pop in a good way.
Down points: The blue under the arms, blue helmet, and blue socks are the 3 things that is keeping the look from near perfection.
My Suggestion: Make the stripe under the arms, blue helmet, and blue socks red!

New Jersey
Up points: The jersey design is well tamed, the stripes on both arms, and hem is well put. The yoke is well modern with some classic feel to it.
Down points: Red stripe under the arms. Black on the logo, and pants throws the jersey way off!
My Suggestion: Switch the black on the logo, and the pants to green. Turn the arm stripes from red to green.

NY Islanders
Up points: Orange is the best choice as the main color follow by navy to put an nice touch. Yes there navy blue stripe under the arms, but with cuffs on the wrist make sense to me. The stripes is well made.
Down points: Aluminum silver ruins it of what could be a perfect Stadium series jersey. The sock stripes does not match the stripes on the jersey.
My Suggestion: Lose the aluminum silver, and give the sock stripes the same treatment as the stripes on the jersey.

And lastly I got link here, it's to my banners I made in honor of contests I won including my first HJC's COTW!

Well that's today big 200th post! I hope you'll enjoy it may not be a big post that you all expect, but should be good enough. There will be more post coming but slow, I'm pretty much busy with work to even posting for HCI. Until then, I'm Alan, I'll get elbow to my head, so you don't have to.

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