Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thursday: Stars Sabre

From my last Dallas Stars concept post, the only thing things I updated is the helmet, pants, and gloves recolored nothing over the top.
HJC Feedback 
HCI Feedback
BNG Feedback
DD60 Feedback

(Buffalo Sabres concept by Caden)
On this concept the stripes is well balance for both home, and road. The main logo got some pixels around the trim that just barely noticeable to a normal eye. The phantom trim on the yoke is a good idea, my suggestion put blue on the yoke on the white jersey. Good move on making the trim thick around the numbers and nameplate to make gold color work on both jerseys. Overall: A good jerseys set. Score: 7/10

Well that's my post for today, Check out both Friday, and Saturday, for my Hockey Concept Ideas debut. Til then later. 

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