Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Big Announcements!

Hi everyone, feeling good today? I am with some announcements.

Writing for Hockey Concept Ideas!
In case if you all don't follow my Twitter page. I am writing for Hockey Concept Ideas, it's a choice I made when this offer open up, with now my job in cruise control, I'll be able to write and give my thoughts on concepts send by many. It'll be a nice experience writing along with Caden, and Jake. I'm writing on HCI on Friday, and Saturday.

Posting some Concepts made by a Contributor!
You all read it right! I'm posting some concepts by a contributor! This is for the first time in over a year! This is awesome that I can get to give my reviews on them, intend of posting all of them I'm going to post 1 concept per post, it'll be fun for me this time around.

What about this Blog?
Well this blog will still be active, the posts of concepts to a maybe rants will more likely be scheduled, not live, with writing for HCI, and helping my mother with gingerbread cookies but it'll be on at least 1 to 2 post a week, so this blog ain't going anywhere.

Well that's my announcements, there will be a concept later this week, until then later.

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