Monday, 14 October 2013

Top 5 Favorite Team Canada Jersey

Last week I posted my thoughts on Team Canada's new set for the 2014 Olympics games, and I'm not pleased with it. They'll never be on my list of favorite team Canada jerseys or just "jersey" period. So with today is Thanksgiving Day I decide to do my Top 5 favorite team Canada jersey, and believe me these are pictures snapped by me yours truly.

5. 1974 Team Canada white jersey
Very nostalgia this one is, the right stripes, and the right amount of maple leafs on the jerseys, and the " Canada" script was the nice touch, it's really a clean and classic jersey.

4. 2009 Team Canada alternate jersey

Old school style 3rds are never an easy task, it's one of them things you need to get it right, and this one is right on the spot! Darker shade of red is an eye popper, the design on the leaf both the front, and on the arms is cool, and the team Canada hockey logo on the shoulder is nice. Overall this is well worth the price tag!

3. 2010 Team Canada Red jersey

This one is special to me because I bought it before the Olympics even started, in fact I wore this at my home watching the Gold medal game against Team U.S.A. Ah the memories, anyway the jersey is nicely well made, simple stripes on both arms and hem, both team Canada hockey logo on one arm, and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics logo on the other arm. Lastly the front logo is very well design. Overall a nice jersey.

2. 2002 Team Canada Black jersey
This one may not been played in the 2002 Olympics, but it was played in other international tournaments including the 2004 World Cup (or so I heard) it was one month after the 2002 Olympics I bought this bad boy, it's one of the best black jersey ever.

And the Number 1 of the Top 5 Favorite Team Canada Jersey is.....
1. 1972 Team Canada jersey
This is the best jersey I ever own, this was a Christmas gift from my parents. For a jersey made by "Roger Edwards" this is as close to the real deal jerseys worn by the 72 Team Canada that played the Summit Series. All stitched to perfection from front and back, this is nostalgia written all over it.

Well that's my top 5. Hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada, or if you'll are from the U.S.A. "Happy Columbus Day", as for the rest Happy whatever holiday you guys got. Until then later.

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