Thursday, 10 October 2013

Team Canada's new jersey set

Well here it is the so called 2014 Sochi Olympics jersey set. I have some mixed thoughts on this one, unlike others Olympics team's set it was one sided, this one is hard to say, there are some good, but mostly bad. If you check out blog on details of these it may surprise you, and disappoint you. Here's my run down on both good and bad.

The Good: Different main logo is good to me, nice idea of the word mark on the 3rd, good tribute to the 72 team Canada, and using the Canadian flag patch on the sleeve is a good touch.

The Bad: One stripe on the arm is not so wise idea Nike. What's up with the Socks Nike? Screen printed maple leafs on the shoulder, are you kidding me Nike? Black pants, black gloves, and black helmet to go with the red and white only jerseys Nike. And lastly Fake lace, "Really Nike?"
Well that's my rant for this post there will be more concepts coming, my creativity mind is coming back, and for the first time since May there will be a Top 5 post coming, what it is? You'll have to wait and see, till then later.

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