Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another rant by me

Hi everyone it's been a rough two weeks for me not having the mood to post stuff here, until now I'm in the mood for some rant.

IceHL jersey design contest update.
Remember I said that I try to make 4 to 5 out of 11 for the IceHL jersey design contest. Well I lied I made 8 out of 11, I really didn't expect to make more then 5 concepts within two weeks. What's more unexpected one concept went to the final votes, and to top this shocking event just early in the afternoon my Boston Colonials concept is the winner! My mind was blown away with this, winning the HJC's COTW is one thing, but winning this one was just..... I have no clue what to say but "Thank You" thank you all who voted for my concept.

HJC Open "I'm in!"
Well I said that hopefully I would be in this year HJC open and guess what? I'm in! I already sent my concept in for round 1, by tomorrow evening round 1 will be in the books.

 Ilya Kovalchuk retiring from the NHL.
Well Ilya Kovalchuk is no longer with the Devils nor the NHL, with him retire from the NHL everyone is claiming that he'll be in the "Hockey Hall of Fame!" I disagree with that why? Lets take a look back at his career. He got drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers (now the Winnipeg Jets) in 2001, sign a 15 year $100 million contract with New Jersey, total of his NHL career were 816 games, 417 goals, 399 assists, 816 points, -116 on the +/-, 60 GWG, 516 PIMs, and 138 power play goals. That's just the season, the playoffs well out of 3 playoffs he's been he played 32, with 11 goals, 27 points total. He's a good player and all but he's one of those guys just didn't live up the hype that everyone want him to be, playing with the Thrashers who really played poorly, and playing with the Devils that seem to be falling apart didn't help his career at all. So in conclusion he is a good player no doubt, but he's not one of those future hockey hall of famer right off the bat.

Well that's my rant for today, there will be some concepts to be posted soon, for now I focusing HJC Open, then posting some more concept including my IceHL concept here!

Until then later.

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