Saturday, 29 June 2013

Long Weekend rant

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since my last rant, so let's get going.

Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champs.
"I Called it!" I said the Hawks will beat the Bruins in 6 games, and the Hawks beat the Bruins in 6 games, this is for the first time ever that I got it right on a Stanley Cup finals, aside from that congratulation to the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Champions.

Dallas Stars new set.
On June the 4th the Dallas Stars got themselves new jerseys and I have to say they look pretty good I was a little not pleased with silver replacing gold but the way the kept the silver on just the logos I'm O.K. with it the only thing I wish they do is add trim around the numbers and it would be in the top 10 on my book.

Hurricanes new set.
First Tampa Bay, now the Hurricanes, I can tell you these teams trying to be like the original 6 teams is a big fail no matter what you do, and this is a poor direction to go to. I mean their new set is like team Canada set, the fonts is bad, no shoulder patch, and to make things worst they depromoted their warning flag stripe from hem to the collar. It's a joke! If I want these jerseys I'll wait to be at discount price.

Coyotes final nail?
Mark your calendar, July 2nd will be the date to see if the Coyotes stays, or goes. I for one is getting sick and tired of this it's been 4 years this have to end soon. if they go they move to Seattle as this so called plan B, if they stay, then they stay but for how long? And with this so called new owners in bid to buy this team do this so called new owners knows what they're up against? we'll wait and see.

Well that's my rant for now I big plans this July, well three things really.
1. Hopefully enter in this year HJC Open, don't quote me on that with my job changing time shifts here and there, and some other concept artist hungry for a chance to be in the HJC Open it won't be easy, but I'll give it a shot.
2. Working on some concepts for the IceHL jersey design contest. I think I got enough ideas flowing in my head to make at least 4 or 5 out of 11 teams with no problems in front of me.
3. Making a fanfic hockey league. I been trying this for a long time mainly early this year I had the first 5 seasons story all done and ready to go until my computer's motherboard got fried and all that data trapped I had to start all over again, hopefully I can get at least 5 seasons done to make it happen.

Tomorrow is the last day of my rest of the OHL redesign concept, then on Monday also known as Canada Day another concept, until then later.

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