Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kitchener Rangers concept

I decide to try to make the Rangers more "Kitchener" then "New York" with some simple moves, change the "Rangers" word mark with the soldier-head logo as the team's main crest, with a shoulder patch made by me. The alternate jersey is pretty much putting the "Rangers" word mark and the fonts on the Pens winter classic jersey only thinning the stripes that represent the 5 decades that this club been around. The colors on the home and road are navy, red, and light silver, the alternate jersey colors are royal blue, and red. The nameplate font on both home and road are the Nashville Predators current font, while the numbers are standard block, as for the alternate jersey it's the Rangers fonts.

Well that's the month of the rest of my OHL redesign quest hope you all enjoy this month, until then later.

HJC Feedback (Home and Road only) 
HJC Feedback (Alternate only)
Jake88 Feedback (Home and Road only)
 SG_94 Feedback (Home and Road only)

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