Friday, 31 May 2013

Team's new look rant

Howdy and yes it's time for another rant by me, so let's get going.

PEI Rockets re brand to Charlottetown Islanders.
After 10 years of being called the "PEI Rockets", the team have change the name to the "Charlottetown Islanders" and they unveiled their new logo.
The logo looks good but 2 things. 1. Arial Black as the font for the "Charlottetown" is not a very bright idea to put on the logo. 2. Vegas Gold, Really? Instead of keeping red, blue, or green of all the colors you could've choose why in your creative mind go straight to Vegas Gold?
Change the font or remove the "Charlottetown"word mark, and change the colors for crying out loud.

 Dallas Stars new logo leaked?
Yup the Stars new logo got leaked or so everyone claim.
Here's my question, why Silver? Why would you replace the gold the have been with the team since the North Stars era with silver? But here's another question, what's the jerseys would look? So many questions will be answered on June 4.

Teasing like a Hurricane.
At the same date as the Stars (June 4) the Hurricanes will unveiled their new home and road jerseys. So far the team have been posting some images of their new set, the only thing I felt that they'll make a big mistake is removing their flag hem stripe witch it's always been their ID, it always the reason this team have some nice jerseys over the years, this could be ether good? or bad? You decide.

Ontario Jr.C relocated team.
I don't usually talk about any teams lower then the Jr.A (beside my Jr.B Maroons rants) I have to rant on this one. Two months ago the Kingsville Comets from the OHA Great Lakes Jr.C have relocated to Amherstburg, and the new team called them self the "Admirals." I think it's a good name and all, but after seeing the pictures the teams logo let just say they put the Calgary Cannons Baseball team, replaced a baseball cap with a pirates hat and add a big "A" in the background and there you go. I just don't know what to say about this. I just felt that there is no creativity what so ever. Sad just sad.

Well that's some rant for now, come this Saturday as I start a whole month of nothing but OHL concepts, until then later.

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