Monday, 1 April 2013

"Whoopee" A April Fool's Post

Well it's Monday were you read some dirty magazines, watch some dirty video, make some dirty jokes and... alright, alright if you didn't catch my drift today is "April Fools Post!" let's get going with two concepts. one that will give you diabetes, the other with give you uhhhh I'm not going to touch it with a 40 foot pole, I mean rod, no no no I mean stick, wait I mean uhhh I got dirty jokes stuck in my head, let's get going.

Hersey Bears Concept
On this is pretty much the Bears Main Crest, and Shoulder patch on the Washington Capitals template, instead of Red and Blue, it's Chocolate Brown, Cocoa Brown, and Sand.

Macon Whoopee Concept
Alright I'll let you read Wikipedia about what "Whoopee" mean let's put it at that. Anyways the concept is pretty much your topical arm stripe combo and vertical piping that stop halfway and connects around the sides to the back vertical piping, and add two lines to the bottom of the jerseys for the hem, and there you go a Macon Whoopee Concept.

Well that's my April Fool's Post now I'm taking a cold shower until then.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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