Friday, 22 March 2013

Mississauga Steelheads Concept

Mississauga will become the only Toronto area team ones the Brampton Battalion moves to North Bay witch it's sad because 15 years ago Toronto area had 3 teams. Mostly the city itself went through 3 different names from the "Mississauga Ice Dogs" witch that team was sold and moved to Niagara, to the "Mississauga St.Mikes" witch the the St.Mike school got their name back, and Finally the Steelheads. Let's not waste time "On to the Concept!"
I decide to make it original for the Steelheads with the Maple Leafs feel to it, curve the arms and the hem stripe, two thins, one thick stripe (Just like the Maple Leafs current 3rd). I fix the "A" on the main crest to make it look like the letter "A" more then having a maple leaf on it. I was debating on whether I should keep the piping or not, but meh go for broke on it maybe a quick fix will do before I sent this bad boy.

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