Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sarina Sting Concepts

In the Mid 2012 the Sarina Sting OHL Hockey Team had a 3rd jersey design context and I did enter my work at that contest, but it didn't win, however I made some other Sting 3rd concepts, for my blogger the one concept that I made I didn't choose for the contest so I decide for my OHL Redesign Mission I that for it with some tweaks to it.
This concept is base on their first set from the early days only the difference is instead of lines it's honeycombs the fonts on the NOB is standard, the fonts on the numbers is the same but made it pointy at the ends, and of course the Stinger with the hockey stick as the main crest and the the beehive for the shoulder patch.

So there's my first concept of 2013,  sorry for the lack of posting stuff, alot of stuff going on that I didn't expect to happened all in one mostly with NHL lockout ended that I didn't see that coming, so I'll leave it at that for another time if I get in rant mode feel kicking in, hopefully I post another concept soon until then.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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