Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept X2

Well over a year ago in April I made my first concept for this site, it was the Pittsburgh Penguins and knowing now it's been a year since opening the site I've decide to give it a little bit, well kinda, alright, alright a big make over but I did something to try to give me a experience going out of my usual templates and give the NHLUniforms.com template a shot.

Well this was my first shot at the template looks OK to me, but the only problem I got is that I misjudged it, the template is big the main crest and the numbers on the back and NOB were small on this template so this idea was out the window.

So I made this one in my usual template, it almost look like there inaugural '95 alternate jersey, but I gave it some few changes, the first one was switch the grey to gold, add gold to dark gold hem stripe for good measure, and if you look at the Pens crest the gold area it'll change from gold to dark gold.

And that's my Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts hope you all enjoy it until then.

Just Maybe?

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