Saturday, 28 July 2012


Hi everybody today I got not one but two concepts one made by me and one from someone else, "that’s right!" someone else's concept is on my blogger so let’s not waste time and get going!

Colorado Avalanche (by Me)
Well I decide to give it a updated modern look in pre-edge form, my style change the arm stripe to a somewhat of a pulse like mountain design, the road one I try to put a different color format on it instead of steel blue arm stripe is white, and the third I made a switch with the red and steel blue, and lastly I change the fonts to block form add some spike ends to it.

Colorado Avalanche (by Steven G.)
I always said to myself that the Avs Jerseys should be modern no "if’s" or "buts" about it, and this concept that Steven made really hit the ball park. The design looks way better then the Avs current 3rd right now also it gives the 50/50 feel to it, a look that the fans will like at the same time have that Reebok standards, nice work Steven.
Want to see more of his work check out his Blogger page!

Hope you all enjoy this one now on to my secret project I'm working on let's just say it's involves with the AHL oh I said too much you'll all have to wait and see for now.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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