Thursday, 7 June 2012

Sarnia Sting Concept plus 4 Concept that didn't make the cut

This is my Sarnia Sting concept for the Sarnia Sting 3rd jersey competition.
As you can see I made the Honeycombs as strips and hem something different, but not over the top and the colors are black, light black (to make the Honeycomb strips works nice), and gold.
Even though this concept may not be a winner, But it's a winner in my book!

 HJC Feedback
Here's are some other concepts I made that didn't make the cut,

 This is the same as my main concept only all gold as the main color, the reason I didn't choose this one was because I felt it didn't fit the team right to me.

This concept is indeed the same as the the main concept only I add the Honeycombs patterns on the yoke it does fit the team right to me but we are talking about the Reebok here they'll never do something like this unless they got SP Apparel to make them and pay them (or force them) to put there Reebok name on it LOL.

This concept kinda look good in my mind but in the end it didn't look well, so many gaps in between the honeycombs one of poor work from me.

This one was a some what a concept that base on there first set from there early days instead of line stripes it's honeycombs despite this is a good 3rd jersey but I really don't see Reebok doing this one sadly enough.

Well hope you enjoy these concept.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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