Monday, 16 April 2012

Hockey Jersey Art 1 Year Anniversary post (Warning Contains a Long Rant)

Well it really feels like yesterday that I made this blogger just posting alot of my concepts to even some rants on hockey stuff, but looking back at all of my concepts I made over a year and I got to say I kinda felt like I did something that I want to do and just show off my Jersey Concept for fun, I really enjoy doing this kind of stuff, I mean I used to do this stuff for a long time from drawing pictures of jerseys to using MS Paint, this is my hobby and I enjoy doing it from days that I want do something on my spare time, to even days I'm not feeling well or feeling not being myself at all, I just doing this for fun period.
Ever since I decide to send my concepts to Hockey Jerseys Concept I have become a regular over there. There are some ups and downs feedback not just 1 person but alot of people that had saw my concepts, so after over a year of sending my concepts over there I decide to give my thoughts on my concepts that were good to bad, surprises to disappointment.

 This was my very first concept I send to HJC and right off the bat 2 people like this concept and just like a person's first jersey bought, first book read, or first episode of a TV show I was hooked.

This concept was my favorite I just went over board with checkerboard pattern on this and gave it a little pre-edge feel to it and this concept became the 1st concept from my work to compete for the "Concepts Of The Week" even thought it didn't became a winner but I know something good is going to happen.

This Concept I just made to fill my blog about the whole NHL making the city of Glendale AZ pay millions to keep the team there as the market still not working, but aside that after my post that rant and this concept on this blogger I send this concept and got a very good feedback and thus the people over there took notice of me pretty good, but despite a very good feedback it wasn't enough to win the COTW.

Many years ago I had done some non ice hockey team concept during the 2004-2005 lockout but those days were gone or so I thought it was around after summer and the 2011-2012 NHL season is about get hyped up for it and yet I wasn't because with no idea or vision of the next concept to make so I decide to go on facebook and saw a video post on one my friend's page it was Goofy's short cartoon "Hockey Homicide" and right off the bat my non ice hockey team concept groove was back in business, the main idea for me was doing a Tribute Concept but it turn out a COTW contender and once again came up short.

This concept was pretty much one of my best and a disappointment, well not really a disappointment but it's proves it was hard for me having my concept going head to head with another concept that was really at a higher level than my, it's not a realty check it's common sense that you got people who like your concepts and see if my concept can compere to other concepts that person like, and so like I said it wasn't a disappointment it's just other person concept was better then this one.

This concept was for the 2nd time (the 1st was the Americans from Brooklyn to Rochester) that I recycled, it was the Coyotes concepts turned to a QMJHL team, and with the right details I became a COTW contender for first time since the Hockey Homicide concept, and once again just like the Hockey Homicide concept it came up short but believe me I was on a bad streak since the Hockey Homicide concept.

So that my thoughts on my contributing to HJC!
Will I continue on sending my concepts to HJC? Your dang right I'm still sending my concepts over there but in fairness I also send some of my concept to icethetics too but unlike HJC you don't know when they 're going to post it.
Will I finally get that COTW win? Well it's not really easy to answer that but I know one thing that I'll do my best to make a concept and not leaving you all disappointed.

Well that's pretty much my long rant if you guys want any template of my work just ask and you'll more likely will get it (maybe LOL) just leave a comment on one of my concept post and I'll ask for your e-mail so I can send you a template for you to tweak it and all that other stuff us concept artist do if you want my E-mail right off the bat my e-mail is

Well that's all for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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