Monday, 9 April 2012

2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Pickz [round 1]

Welcome to my NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Pickz this is were I pick of who's going to the 2nd round and who's go golfing, so here we go.

(8) Ottawa vs. (1) New York
New York: They are number 1 in the East for the First time in a long time!
Ottawa: They played very well this season but the last couple of key games they lost put them from 6th to 8th.
Overall: The Rangers early exit last year was a no shocker to me, but it won't be a shocker to me that they will move on to the 2nd round.
My Pick: Rangers beat the Sens 4-1

(7) Washington vs. (2) Boston
Boston: The Bruins went through the worst Stanley Cup Hangover early this season, but got cleaned and got there game back on track.
Washington: Once one of the Top Dogs for the past seasons now they are Underdogs this time around.
Overall: The Caps play their way to get back into playoff form but the Bruins will take them out.
My Pick: Bruins beat the Caps 4-2

(6) New Jersey vs. (3) Florida
Florida: After 10 years, Finally... um hold on let me clear my throat *ahem* ok here we go "FINALLY THE PANTHERS HAS COME BACK TO THE PLAYOFFS"!
New Jersey: After last year disaster they are back in the playoffs as stronger as they were years ago.
Overall: The Southeast Division champion the Panthers will get there Rudy Poo Candy Ass kick by the Devils after the smoke is clears and the dust settled.
My Pick: Devils will lay the Smackdown on the Panthers all over both Miami and New Jersey 4-2

(5) Philadelphia vs. (4) Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh: The Pens have prove that sometime you got to step up and play your game when your best players is out with injures
Philadelphia: Flyers have really keeping steady on their game this season don't be shocked when they shift their gears for the playoffs.
Overall: A same classic war story between two teams that never gets too old!
My Pick: Pens beat the Flyers 4-3


(8) Los Angeles vs. (1) Vancouver
Vancouver: The Canucks are once again number 1 in the league but this time it's going to be not so easy.
Los Angeles: The Kings got there "A" game in the 2nd half of the season; they better have there "A" game for the playoffs.
Overall: If the Kings don't have there "A" game, it's a walk in the Park for the Canucks.
My Pick: Nucks beat the Kings 4-2

(7) San Jose vs. (2) St. Louis
St. Louis: The Blues are back in the playoffs in a big way hopefully there mean streak keeps going all the way to the Finals.
San Jose: They had alot of chances to win Key games but it didn't happened.
Overall: The Sharks has no chance in this round with the Blues.
My Pick: Blues beat the Sharks 4-0

(6) Chicago vs. (3) Phoenix
Phoenix: The Coyotes have won a Division title, nuff said.
Chicago: The Hawks are the underdogs again but a little better than last year.
Overall: As much as would funny to see the Yotes lose, but I believe this time The Yotes got this one.
My Picks: Yotes beat the Hawks 4-3

(5) Detroit vs. (4) Nashville
Nashville: The Preds have really surprised me this season in a big way.
Detroit: For the 21st year in a row the Wings are in the playoffs they never seem to show there weakness too much.
Overall: This is going to be a tough call on this one.
My Pick: Preds beat the Wings 4-3

So those are my Pickz see you all in the 2nd round.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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