Thursday, 9 June 2011

R.I.P. Atlanta Thrashers 1999-2011

Well it's official on May 31. 2011 the Atlanta Thrashers is moving to Winnipeg Manitoba (name yet determent) all I can say is congrats to the people of Winnipeg to have NHL back at there city but however I felt like they should have the Phoenix Coyotes instead of the Atlanta Thrashers but sadly our commissioner Gary Bettman choose to keep a team that no one wants to buy them that located in the middle of the desert and keep alot of people paying their tax money for a team they don't care over a team that could have a better chance of getting a better local company to buy the team and keep them there *sigh* Only in the God Damn NHL but aside from that this shows a sign the end is coming and that end is the southern team run and Gary Bettman's pet the Coyotes unless those team have some stupid billionaire people that will throw their money out there for no reason what so ever all of those teams in the south future is blank.

Now back to the Thrashers I always believe this could be the only southern team in the NHL that could work I mean the team was named after a bird and they share the same arena with other sport teams so it's a win win thing but sadly nobody really went to games and they didn't do very well overall they made only 1 playoff appearance and that's that but one thing that made me like about them it's their Jerseys I mean in their first 5 seasons they had one of the best jerseys I have ever seen mostly there Road/Home Jersey the one that's had the "T" logo on it it's awesome I actually own that one then until in 2003 they introduced an alternate jersey the one that was something I would have come up with, I'm not saying it's the worst I just wish they didn't made their powder blue jersey as there main home witch they carried over to their Edge system and to make things more worst they introduced that god awful third jersey witch also the socks they wore made it even worst so they started there jersey good to bad you can say but still the "Blueland" thing they had was actually a smart move too bad they had to use the powder blue over navy blue so they would stay a little longer so I'm done ranting for now.

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