Saturday, 28 May 2011

Phoenix Coyotes Concept and a little rant

Sorry for the lack of update I'm not one of those people that always update like 1 to 4 times a week person I always update once a blue moon and guess what the blue moon has appeared so with that here's my concept.

Well now we know that the Yotes are staying for one more season thanks to Bettman and the city Glendale group that voted in faver of keeping the team there and of course throw in another $25 million plus the other $25 million earlier to make it $50 million witch the total now from 1996 to now they lost is $550 million dollars all I can say is wow those people really do anything they can to throw all that tax payers money to keep the team that hockey in the desert is "STILL" not working so sooner or later it'll go down to two ways 1. they'll move the club to somewhere north or 2. fold the team ether way sooner or later Gary Bettman is going to wave the white flag.

So for now here's my Phoenix Coyotes Concept
As you can see this concept it's a nice alternate jersey to replace their current one the stripes on there arms and around there waist are base on there old 1996 to 2003 jersey with there current colors so there go.

Well that's all for know.
Just Maybe?

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  1. That is a phenomenal concept, keep it up!