Saturday, 16 June 2018

Fan Request post: Nashville Predators part 1

Hi, Alan here for another week here at AJH HJA. It's still June, and this week will be another "Fan Request" by you guess it John O. and like all of his request, it's classic pre-Edge design on a Reebok template as usually. This week is the Nashville Predators.
Same design as the Preds first set from the beginning in a Reebok form including the infamous "Mustard" colour jersey. with two nice logos that this jersey had that I wish they use on the rest of the jerseys the Preds had. The only change he requested was the fonts on both nameplates, and the numbers, the numbers are the Preds current font, while the nameplate is  J-Log Razor Edge Sans Small Caps.

Somewhat Bonus
Same thing but in Adidas form nothing to explain on this one.

Well, that's this week, be here next week for another fan request post. Til then, later. 

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  1. Looks amazing on both concept jersey brand templates. Enough said. Very solid in its original look. Amazing job.