Saturday, 17 March 2018

NHL Adidas concept: St.Louis Blues

Hi everyone, Alan here for another post here at AJH HJA. This week is the St.Louis Blues but first I got things to tell.

Plans for this year Playoff Pickz
This year Playoff Pickz will be like last year it'll have both my picks and concepts but unlike last year that had fan request concepts this one will feature my other concept designs that didn't make the cut to be part of my NHL Adidas concept series, so keep an eye out for it.

Quad City Mallards no more
Last Tuesday there was news that the Quad City Mallards one of minor hockey league team with a strong brand will cease operations following the end of the current 2017-18 season. The Owner announced it along with giving the ECHL the info about their decision to withdraw their membership. This is a sad news to me because I believe that the Mallards would be one of those teams from the CeHL that could last long, but I was wrong.

St.John NL returns to the minors
ECHL lost one team but gains one as St.John will get a ECHL team over an year and half since losing their AHL team. What name they will be called is unknown but I'm hoping they'll be called the Ice Caps again that's a cool name but if not I hope they won't be called the Fog Devils that's a terrible name. I think maybe they can be take the Mallards place as a minor hockey league team with a strong brand, I know I'm pushing it but hey I can dream about it.

Well rants done on to the Blues concept.

The colors are blue, gold, and lighter shade of blue. Simple stripes on arms, hem, socks, and yoke with a different shape. Standard block on for the nameplate, the numbers are the same with two thin trims. The team’s main logo is the same as they were but different colors, on the dark jersey is the light blue, while the white jersey is the blue.

HJC Feedback


  1. First person to tell me about St. John's... good for them. Went to their arena last year for Tim Horton's Brier and had a blast! Looking to contribute concepts in the near future :)

  2. I feel sad that the Quad Cities will no longer have a team to cheer on or support for as the Mallards will cease operations once this season is done. However, having a franchise in St. Johns, Newfoundland can be a difference maker. I also hope they will be named as the Ice Caps. Should that happen, I wonder how will the realignment for the upcoming 2018-19 East Coast Hockey League (a.k.a. the ECHL) season might be. With the Quad Cities being out, it would bring the Central Division with six teams; but with St. Johns in, it would bring the North Division with seven teams. But you know me, I rather see each division per conference within a league with an equal set of teams. Like 7-8 teams per division (14-16 per both conferences). Best wishes to those within the ECHL fanbase.

    Anyways, back to your concept, looks pretty fabulous and traditional, just as the St. Louis Blues represent in recent years. Fabulous work.