Saturday, 24 February 2018

NHL Adidas concept: Philadelphia Flyers

Hi everyone Alan here for another Saturday post here at AJH HJA! Before we get to this week NHL Adidas concept I got some quick rants I got to get it off of my chest, so here we go.

No Gold for Canada!
The Olympics are coming to an end tomorrow and our nations hockey came out with no gold, just bronze for the men's, and silver for the women's. But one thing that positive about this is at least we don't have to see them wearing gold metal in their horrible jerseys!

Stadium Series disaster
The Stadium Series between the Washington Capitals, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the team's uniforms for that event are very much a big let down. Let just say that white pants in ice hockey don't mix, period!

Trade Deadline
So many big ups, and downs that could happen this Monday so my pick on who's the winner and the loser. Winners: San Jose, Winnipeg, and Boston. Losers: New York Islanders, New York Rangers, and St.Louis.

Well that's my rant, now on to this week's concept.

Simple design but it’s slanted not curve, add only two stripes on the hem. The collar featured Pennsylvania keystone symbol. Both numbers and nameplate are standard block with trim. Lastly add stripes on the pants.

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  1. This Flyers concept looks pretty cool, yet retaining its traditional aspects. And I agree. White pants in ice hockey is not cool to begin with at all whatsoever. Plus, I wish that on other sports (except for baseball or basketball; unless they allow like white jersey shirt over team color shorts/pants) that don't allow all-whites. Like for instance, American football & soccer & volleyball should have more focus on white jerseys over team color pants.