Saturday, 6 January 2018

NHL Adidas concept: Minnesota Wild

Happy New Year everyone, Alan here for the first post of 2018 here at AJH HJA. Quick rant my thought on this year All-Stars jerseys. The design had everything going but no hem what's worse the Adidas version got those three stripes on the sides while the Fanatics version doesn't, which makes the jerseys look too plain to my taste. My jersey collection rate: Buy it at discount price.
Well quick rant done time for more of my NHL Adidas concept, this week the Minnesota Wild.

Stripes on the dark jersey is simple on both arms, hem, and yoke, while the stripes on the white jersey has more red. On the moon within the main logo is recolored from gold to white. The circle logo is use for the shoulders and on the helmet.

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  1. Happy 2018. And cool designs on that concept. Plus, love the old school number font. Which is very fitting in my opinion.