Monday, 25 December 2017

Jersey Review: North Pole Nicks Jersey 2.0.

Ho, ho, ho everyone Alan here at AJH HJA. Today on this Christmas day is not a concept but a jersey review. You may know I did a review of the North Pole Nicks Jersey made by Geeky Jerseys (formerly know as Rink Gear) well here's this link to refresh your mind. Now this year the fine folks from decide to give the jersey an update to me it's a long over due, so let's not waste time and get to the review.

Up points: A very nice mixture of red, and dark red with a touch of both white and silver. Checkerboard patterns stripes gives that the snowflake stripes an eye popper look. The nameplates and the numbers are thinner then their previous jersey, witch it's a good move. Both the main and shoulder logos are a nice upgrade.

Down points: Both the letters and the numbers lack trims.

Overall: Great update that is better then the old one!

My Jersey Collection Rate: Get the jersey when it up for sell!

Well that's my review of North Pole Nicks Jersey 2.0. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkahs, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Decemberween, Happy whatever Holiday you're celebrate. Until then, later. 

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