Saturday, 26 October 2013

Team Prussia Concept

Hi everyone today is Saturday, or what my inner anime fan called this day "Hetalia Day!" This is based on an anime series called Hetalia, it started as a web comic series, then became a manga book series, and lastly an anime series. It's a good show to watch in fact I own DVDs of this series, the characters in this series are representations of countries from where they came from to even their cultural, even Canada (he not like your average Canadian!) the show itself is pretty much somewhat like a variety show so many segments in 5 minutes, and this series is still going right now. Back to characters thing, there is this one character that represent what used to be a country thanks to WWII, that country named "Prussia." I went on Wikipedia about it and to think this country was once powerful now no more, what make this shocking to me is the list of other country that used to be Prussia is crazy. But enough talking about WWII stuff, with myself watching Hetalia it gave me the inspiration to do a Team Prussia Concept.

Just a simple concept with the main crest based from Prussia's flag, angle stripes on the arms, straight hem in the front, and curved hem on the back. The colors are black, white, and Vegas gold.

HJC Feedback 
HCI Feedback
SG-94 Feedback

Well that's my post for today, come by this Thursday for my Halloween post! Til then, later.

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