Friday, 20 September 2013

The aftermath rant!

Howdy everyone! Had a good summer? No. Oh well, how about a rant from me? O.K. sound good with me because I have been saving this post until the end of my IceHL concepts posts, so let's not waste time and let get this rant going.

London Knights new white jersey!
The London Knights (OHL) showed off their new white jersey that is really "White!" Not like that dumb cream, vintage, or whatever darker shade of white they got. The jersey got that old Knights 3rd feel to it witch I like, and the word mark on the front may not be a likeable thing to everyone's mind, but it'll grow on them just like me, only thing is it grew on me about 25 seconds after looking at it for the first time. In fact last week I went to a Knights pre-season game and got myself that white jersey! Now the only thing left now is fix their green jersey and everything is back to normal.

Soo Greyhounds new set (Why?)
As you see the picture above you guess it, another Jr team is pulling the "NHL," the greyhounds home and road are like the Detroit Red Wings from top to bottom, and the 3rd is a joke. After seeing this I had to take a breath and calm my nerves, if I didn't I would e-mailed HJC and demand a higher score on my Soo Greyhounds concept. That's how tick off I was after seeing this so called new set, it's just another spit in face on a team that once had a nice and modern set.

Quebec Ramparts new set.
  From OHL to the QMJHL, the Quebec Ramparts showed off their new set that replaced "vintage white" with "true white" I like that idea, the jerseys are classic and smart, the only thing I don't like is the NJ Devils number fonts and that's all. Overall: Good move Ramparts, good move!

"America, F%#& NOOOO!"
In 2010 team USA had a good set, now they got this.  The dark jersey is O.K. but lacks the hem stripe, the white is the same but man it's bad, what's up with the fake tie collars? The stars on yokes is alright but if they made them white would be good, the main crest is good but it's one of those that suited for 3rds only, and the two gold medals inside the collars are the closest thing that is good on this set. Overall if you're a jersey collector take my advice "Wait for Discounts!"

Russia's new set.
Well these set I can say is the one is good, and the other is *sigh* O.K. but should not use when you're the "Host" of the 2014 Winter Olympic. The white jersey is bizarre, but traditional, if they would add the flag stripes on the arms and the hem then it'll be a fair jersey. The dark jersey is pretty much clean, nice of them of putting the flag stripe on the arms, if they put them flag stripes on the hem, and get rid of the fake tie collar and it'll be worth of the normal price.

New "Wild White Jersey!" (no pun)
The Wild change their road jersey and it looks good! I'm not going to lie but it's classy and nice, but still I'm going to miss their old ones that made themselves who they are, hopefully this one will grow on me, and might be my 2nd wild jersey for me to add to my jersey collection.

The wait is over in a bad way.
For the past almost 10 years in my mind I have beef with the Sabres uniforms some are good but doesn't get so much love to mostly really bad uniforms and logos changes that gave them a bad name, and this horrible picture of the what this called the "3rd" jersey. I like the idea of a yellow 3rd jersey but this is bad! I can't explain it, I have no words to say it, all I can do is this picture tells of my reaction to this.

 Well that's my rant fix, and yes I didn't rant about Team Canada's new set I know but I'll save that when they complete it with the white jersey and if the so called "Black" jersey is true or not. Also I'm going to Windsor on September 29th for a AHL preseason game! And I thought going to the London Knights games was awesome, this one takes the cake. As for some concepts put together I'm still on slow mode, I had some ideas in my mind but not kicking in yet, until last week I made some more concepts put together, hopefully post them up on this site, including concepts I entered in the HJC Open, and sending them to HJC, and other concept sites.
Until then. Later.

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