Tuesday, 16 April 2013

2 Year Anniversary All Rant Post

Hi everyone, today this site is two years old, wow I never thought I would be still doing this, but guess what, I am still doing it and this blogger is going strong. I decide not to post a concept on this post but instead I am posting some of my rants about hockey, now before we get to the rants here's some of my updates on stuff I'm working on.

Right now I'm getting close in finishing my OHL Redesign Quest I'm down to 5 teams, Witch it's a big thing for me because I never ever complete a whole league only hand picked teams I choose that need a new looked, so hopefully I can get the rest of the OHL teams done.

With the NHL back on track and the Playoffs pretty much coming around the corner I will be doing my "NHL Playoffs Pickz" again on this site hopefully I won't go off the track like last year not doing the 4th round picks, so keep your eyes on that.

Now with that on to my rant.

My Town getting a OHL Team?
On my big rant I did was me talking about my town Chatham, Ontario. Are trying to get a new arena to bring in a OHL team. Ever since the news that the Brampton Battalion are relocating to North Bay after the 2012-2013 season everyone talked and blogging about why Chatham should get a OHL team
 well you can check out my rant about it here, Well last week there's a "leaked report", yes you heard me right a "leaked report" that tick the City Council off in a big way that said a OHL team from a current city that is remain unnamed has a big intrust in my town. However according to the OHL office they are intrust in Chatham but they aren't going gun-ho right off the bat they will however keep in tap with Chatham to see how this goes through.

NHL Realignment Change
Coming 2013-2014 season all the teams in the NHL will be p/7ut back in 4 divisions instead of 6, witch is a good thing because there always that third division getting the title and the 3rd seed spot while having points lower then the 4th to even an odd 6th seed team. It'll be a wise move to do that and with the rules of the top 4 in each division goes to playoffs it'll be much intrusting to see any former 3rd seed division winners can get to the playoffs.

Phoenix Coyotes Year 5?
Once again the Coyotes still owned by the NHL, the Coyotes attempt of getting a new Owner fell apart once again, and once again Gary Bettman is still has the confides that their will be a owner that willing to buy the team and keep them in the desert. All I can say is Bettman better hurry up because I heard reports that some current NHL owners (Bettmen bosses) are getting a little sick and tired of keep paying big bucks for the Coyotes losing more money as a usually, indeed you all can say that place is big market but it's "How you use the Market Right" and sadly this market is still not working I can understand the NHL Owners not happy with this problem this can't last forever they need to move them, even if you do have a owner that can buy the team and keep them in the desert, how long will that last?

Brampton Battalion 2.0?
With the Battalion OT elimination in the 1st round of the OHL playoffs the team is moving to North Bay for not just for the 2013-14 season, but also marks the return of North Bay OHL Hockey. Keeping the name and the colors. I saw their new logo on CCSLC Forum the only thing they change is adding the "North Bay" wordmark above the logo. I like the idea of keeping the Battalion name and all, but can't they change the logo, or at least the colors errr... Because the Olive Green color is pretty much took it's course they need a new color, and even a new logo, now the next question is "are the uniforms going to be the same?" well one way to find out is we'll wait and see.

 Oilers New Arena
The City of Edmonton has approved on building an brand new arena, all I can say is I felt it should had that deal done sooner but the Oilers owner had to be a pain in the ass and ask the city for tax payers funds to even claiming that if he does not get his way he'll move the team witch it's a dumb move to my mind, yeah I know I made a rant about this stuff before and I do admit I went off the deep end and all, but you went come to claiming that if you don't get what you want, you'll get a threat of rising ticket price to even moving the whole team to different City, it was a slap in the face, I mean really you're thinking of moving a team out of a good market city just a snap of the finger like that, not a very good idea, but in the end they work it out and not only the Oilers will get a new arena, but also will benefit the City as well.

Well their you go, that's my rant. I got only 2 more concept set and squeeze the schedule between now to the last game of the season and after that it's playoffs time!

Until then.
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